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PREMIUM Funds Group is one of the biggest pensions and health fund services of Hungary. Part of the group are the PREMIUM Health Funds, the PREMIUM Voluntary Pensions Fund and the Horizon Private Pension Funds. The Fund Group manages more than 220 billion HUF of assets for its almost 400 000 members. The team at Helio is responsible for the online presence of the group since 2014.



In 2014 the developer team of the already extensive Funds Group ceased to exist. After that Helio took over the task and challenge to provide a smooth transition and to map out the system previously unknown to us for the upcoming works.

In the coming years our job was not only to ensure a smooth operation but to actively cooperate with PREMIUM that always had new ideas to develop. Since then with the established close cooperation we extended the online presence of the Funds Group with a number of pioneering and unique functions. Furthermore, the unique engine that we built does not only comply with the end users’ needs!

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As a result of our work, the dedicated colleagues of PREMIUM

  • handle all the online platforms of the Funds Group from one common interface,
  • work on an interface that is dynamically editable in every element,
  • have an online presence that is in compliance with the strict security conditions of fund groups.

Their websites are also able to

  • run sweepstakes and surveys,
  • collect leads
  • and to receive membership fees.

In addition, as it can be said about every online platform of PREMIUM:

  • they are connected with the record system of the Funds Group
  • and connected to the customer service system of the Funds Group.

The websites created in the web project:

PREMIUM Health Funds
PREMIUM Voluntary Pensions Fund
HORIZON Private Pension Funds

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