When do you need support development?

You have an IT department, but it is already overwhelmed

Control, coordination, management

When there are always ideas and needs but they are always left behind because there is no one to organize and execute them. Development isn’t always about the developer. Sometimes the biggest challenge is to coordinate and control the smaller needs. Of course, the Black Friday discount in the company’s webshop does look like the most important thing ever, but it doesn’t mean that it really is!

We can help you control, coordinate, develop and solve the small and medium sized problems so that we become a sort of heartland for the IT department of your company.

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You have an IT department, but it is already overwhelmed or development isn’t a priority

Unicast communication

When there isn’t a web team or the IT department is already overwhelmed or development isn’t the main focus of the company but there is need for it.

At Helio we can take over your IT work at any point, we can organize the tasks and free the company from the daily tasks while communicating with the management about the developments through one channel.

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Development is a means, not an end

Proactivity, time-consuming

It is a common attribute of client portals, administration systems, payment interface and warehouse management software that though they are the foundation of success they are not the sole profile of a company. Most of the time they are not the ends but the means of success.

Our job is to develop and give you these tools in a way that they really support the company and not just consume the time of management. We are proactive in development and support the work with our own ideas and concepts while asking as many questions as the client needs. Our goal is to do as much work as possible without taking too much of the client’s time.

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A full-time IT colleague isn’t needed


Support is always more flexible than the solutions within the company. If a company has a developer who works 160 hours but suddenly needs more work done, they can’t just increase the hours with a snap of a finger. But a support service can.

Support is always exactly as much as needed. You don’t pay for idling while you can follow the increasing and decreasing work needs.

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Our vision

From sales to the service industry, modern working is almost unconceivable without online software programs. Small, medium and large companies all use a lot of software for office work. The evolution of companies and technology is always parallel that implies the constant examination, maintenance and development of the company software programs.

The point of support service is the constant work for medium and large companies. From the very beginning, Helio has always gave development support for its clientele. Our experience includes the creation, development, maintenance and launch of client portals, administration systems, payment interface and warehouse management software too.

Our job includes: fixing existing systems and providing additional development, integrating new solutions and creating and maintaining collaboration between separate systems. All this, while working in close collaboration with the actors from the financial, commercial and the service industry so we can provide an always up-to-date software environment.

The developmental needs vary from company to company, it can range from 10-20 hours per month to hundreds. Our experience is that not everything can be solved in-house so having a support contact can be optimal for every company that wants to grow.

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