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Helio Ltd. started out as a family business in 1994 with two main sectors: architecture and information technology. The IT branch of the business was led by Balázs Varga while the architecture branch was led by Tamás Busch. In the beginning the main focus of the IT division was the design, construction and testing of measuring instruments, the featured partners of the business were Westel 900 GSM (today T-Mobile) and GEC Alsthom (today Alstom Hungary).

In 2014 the IT division switched profile and the main direction became the development of web software programs with focus on developing and supporting corporate administration systems led by Dániel Varga. Since then the team and the scope of activities both broadened with, among others, the design and construction of webshops and websites and with the subsequent technological support related to them.

Today Helio mainly focuses on two activities:

Since 2014 the business continues to grow, today we provide more than 5000 hours of development support per year for our partners, while we also carry out smaller developments and 8-10 bigger projects annually.

profile switch, Helio starts with four permanent support partners


a Helio fejlesztői csapata ismét a két év alatt 4 fejlesztővel bővül


a folyamatos support szolgáltatás mellett a Helio havonta egy független projektet ad át


a pandémia nyomán a csapatunk home officeba vonul vissza, de a munka nem áll meg


közel 7500 fejlesztés megoldásán vagyunk túl és nem állunk meg!


Our vision

We are open for new solutions, getting to know software programs, the optimization of previous software and working with outside development teams.

We like hard work and to constantly and effectively move forward. Getting the job done is our principle.

If we find a lot of small problems we start to work on solutions. If we face an incomprehensibly huge task then we build the foundations that give direction and ground for the details.

Our goal is to grow and to face new challenges along these principles while expanding our clientele.

Our leadership

Varga Dániel CEO
Varga DánielCEO

I work in web development since 2009. I took over the family IT business from my father in 2014 and continued the developmental works with an independent team and my own clientele. Between 2014 and 2016 I reorganized the company and made web software development our main focus. I have worked with a wide range of web software, for example:


  • maintenance and development of complex administration and accounting systems for financial corporations
  • support and development of online editorial offices
  • renewal of websites and webshops
  • creating new webshops and websites
  • designing and building a unique CMS system

Varga Máté COO
Varga MátéCOO

I have worked in several fields in the past 10 years. Between 2009 and 2013 I worked in sales for Samsung then between 2013 and 2016 I studied communication theory at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. In 2016 I faced a decision: should I continue with my studies and focus on scientific works or should I go back to the job market?


This is when Dani asked me to join his business as a project manager and an operative leader of the daily tasks. In 2016-17 under my leadership our company expanded with a number of serious and important clients. Meanwhile our team members doubled in number; the coordination of the team and the contact with the clientele is still one of my main responsibilities.

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