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Törley Sparkling Wine Cellar Ltd. is the market leader in producing and distributing sparkling wines in Hungary. The company sells close to 38 million bottles of wines and sparkling wines per year globally. The company, founded in 1882, has more than 15 brands in production and they announced an application to unify Törley’s online identity. The main goals were to:

  • unify the online appearance of the wide range of brands and products
  • and to unify the many infrastructure and administration interfaces.



Helio won the challenge to build a system where the colleagues of Törley can handle the content of 12 websites in a quick and user-friendly environment. This unique need contained numerous exciting challenges and resulted in a secure, unified and easy-to-use system.

This partnership remained after we finished the websites:

  • in 2017-ben we integrated the social news channels of the brand into the websites of Törley Sparkling Wine, Hungaria, François and BB brands.
  • in 2018 we built the dynamic management of the cookies in accordance of the updated regulations.
  • in 2019 we launched the new website of the company, the Törley Manufactory collection page.
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As a result of our work, the colleagues of Törley

  • handle all the websites of the company from one common interface,
  • work on an interface that is dynamically editable in every element,
  • have a secure online presence and data management.

Furthermore, their websites

  • communicate a unified corporate identity
  • and have the comfort of automatically refreshed social content.

The websites created during our collaboration:

Törley Sparkling Wine
Törley Museum
Törley Ltd.
Hungaria Sparkling Wine
François Sparkling Wine
György Villa
Chapel Hill
Szent István Korona
Kaiser Vodka
Sparkling Wine Manufactory

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