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PREMIUM Health Funds was the first one to launch its Magic Card service in 2017 that allows members to pay through the Health Funds without any prior cash payment to their health account.

The revolutionary aspect of the Magic Card is that the users can connect their bank account directly with their health account. After the connection is made any health account transaction can be fulfilled automatically even if the health account doesn’t have the sufficient funds on it. The Magic Card simply draws the necessary coverage from the member’s bank account and the transaction can be made.

After the concept development, our job was to:

  • build the platforms necessary to request the service
  • connect the bank card registration process into the system
  • create the program that processes the transactions
  • to connect it with the record system of PREMIUM Health Funds

Since its launch, more than 20 000 user uses the Magic Card to pay for pharmaceutical transactions, private medical examinations, cash receipts and insurance fees!



PREMIUM Funds Group is one of the largest private pensions and health fund services of Hungary. Part of the group are the PREMIUM Health Funds, the PREMIUM Voluntary Pensions Fund and the Horizon Private Pension Funds. The Fund Group manages more than 220 billion HUF of assets for its almost 400 000 members. The team at Helio is responsible for the online presence of the group since 2014.

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