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Take a look is the online research community of eNET Internet Research and Consulting Ltd. that gives the opportunity for everyone to say their opinion thus becoming part of the decisions corporations make for valuable prices! Helio was tasked with the update of in 2019. The goal of the development was to put the client portal of the research community on a new footing so it can continue to work with a fresh interface and without direct connection to the database of eNET.



Throughout the project our job included:

  • participation in the concept development,
  • the installment of the engine for the new client portal and the creation of the content editor interface,
  • the design and creation of the client portal’s user management
  • and to create a connection with the software that handles the researches of eNET.

On the new site visitors can

  • participate in researches in a nice, mobile first environment,
  • follow up on their data and research results in an easy and secure way
  • and win valuable prizes.
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